E. Rose Sabin, Fantasy and Science Fiction Author E. Rose Sabin, Fantasy and Science Fiction Author


My name is Elenora Rose Sabin. I write as E. Rose Sabin largely because people tend to misspell Elenora. I live in Pinellas County, Florida, with my two wonderful dogs Juliet and Pixie. I adopted Juliet, a pit bull mix, from a shelter. She'd been abandoned and picked up as a stray. She's very playful and very loving. Pixie, my newest dog, is also a rescue. She's still shy and easily frightened, but will improve with time, I'm sure. She's a beautiful dog, and she and Juliet love to play together.

I'm a former teacher, having taught Spanish and English for many years, mostly in middle school, but also as an adjunct instructor in junior college. I'm now devoting my time to writing fantasy, science fiction and novels. My stories have won many awards, and A School for Sorcery—my first novel—won the Andre Norton Gryphon award in 1992, an award then given by novelist Andre Norton for an unpublished manuscript of the best fantasy novel submitted by a new woman fantasy writer.

I am currently working on novels set in the same world as A School for Sorcery, as well as other, unrelated novels.


Just Off The Presses:  My new book, A House Full of Dreams, will debut at Necronomicon science fiction convention on 10/28/2016 through 10/30/2016. Information about the convention is available through the Necronomicon link on my links page. Come join me there to purchase a copy of the book! If you are not able to attend the convention, the book will soon be available on my author’s page on Amazon.com.

Other books recently published include my first book for elementary school children. Grandy's Grand Inventions is intended for children ages 6-10 or grades 1-4. The fantasy novel To the Far Side of the Forest is for teens, and for adults are two novels Deathright and the urban fantasy Were House. To learn more about these books, go to my novels page, or visit my Amazon.com page.

I have established my own imprint, Arucadi Enterprises, and will be publishing more books in the Arucadi series as well as other unrelated novels under that imprint. I am also editing and formatting books for other writers who wish to self-publish, but need some help in doing so.

View the Arucadi Enterprises Website.

To the Far Side of the Forest
Grandy's Grand Inventions
Were House
Seduction of the Scepter
Touch of Death
The Gift of the Trinde Tree
Shadow of a Demon
Bryte's Ascent
When the Beast Ravens
A School for Sorcery
A Perilous Power
A Mix of Magics
Bringers of Magic
Mistress of the Wind
A House Full of Dreams

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